Family Cross Camp


Family Cross Camp is a company based in Portugal specialising in active holidays for the whole family.

They want people to feel curious, inspired and harmonic when visiting the site. I therefore went with earth-tone colours as well as bold typography to keep the site clean, but also added a hand-written font to make the site a bit more personal.

My goal with the design of the website was to quickly get the users to understand what Family Cross Camp is about and to guide them to finding the information they’re looking for.


Client: Family Cross Camp
Logo design + illustrations: Steven Brooks
colour palette

"I loved the idea of making my own website, however, I soon realized that it was more demanding than expected, mainly because of the many technical terms and practicalities I did not know and had to learn.

Eventually, I decided that it was better to outsource and focus on the many other aspects of me and my husband’s business startup. When we chatted about the ideas and expectations for the website, Malin was able to take all those ideas in and even bring her own style and creativity to the project. Furthermore, she gave the website the exact holistic expression I would have if I had the skills to develop my own website. She was able to translate my message and use my pictures to create a beautiful website, and I am very pleased with the result. Since then, I have received so much positive feedback regarding the website, all thanks to her, and most importantly, it is making people interested and drawn to the same concept of active family vacations, which we had regarding our business.

Thank you Malin for helping us bring our dream to life!"

- Doris, Family Cross Camp